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Veterinarians Across Australia

Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Philippa Gemmell
Manningham Veterinary Clinic
22 Manningham Road, Bulleen VIC 3105, Ph: 03 9850 1600
Dr Gemmell provides alternative health care services for pets including acupuncture, flower remedies and behavioural consultations. Client Comments: "I found her to be very gentle and compassionate when she was treating my rabbit - Lois. Lois, like most animals when they visit the vet, was noticeably stressed. However, Phillipa was very sensitive to Lois's mood and stress levels throughout the entire consultation and particularly during her examination. I was also impressed by her ability to diagnose Lois's condition, compared to the conventional vet I had already seen. Phillipa provided me homeopathic remedies that not only addressed Lois's physical needs but also her associated emotional state."

Dr On Ben-David
Caulfield South Veterinary Clinic
463 Hawthorn Road Caulfield South VIC 3162, ph: 03 9528 4755
Dr Ben-David treated Little Girl, our ex-battery rescued hen and was extremely caring in his attitude. And the clinic has always been kind and understanding with my dog Goodie, and also allowed me to pay the bills off slowly because I couldn't afford them all at once.

Dr Carol Webb
Burwood Road Cat Clinic
33 Burwood Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122, ph: 03 9819 1468
My most wonderful vegetarian vet (who has a vegan daughter) only does cats and she is an absolute saint. She has been supportive of us bringing up our cats vegan and she is also the President of the Cat Protection Society. She is also one of the cheapest vets in Melbourne and her heart is completely in it, she's not doing it for money - what a refreshing change, I don't know what I'd do if she wasn't practising anymore.

Dr Alan Sultan
Northcote Plaza Veterinary Clinic
43A Dennis Street, Northcote VIC 3070, ph: 03 9489 3322
For a more traditional vet, Dr Sultan is very good. He also does nutritional medicine, acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I use him for more normal veterinary needs as well for my cats. The clinic is also quite ethical and even has a Ban Battery Cages notice up and have Rescue Remedy in the waiting room which you are free to use to help calm the animal while you wait.

The Lort Smith Animal Hospital
24 Villiers Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051, ph: 03 9328 3021
- I can't be sure how many, if any, of the vets at The Lort Smith Animal Hospital are vegetarians, but I can certainly recommend them. Their animal welfare and beliefs in relation to the social benefits of animals in society are admirable.
They also offer payment plans for people not able to pay upfront - very helpful if your pet needs an expensive operation. I have been going to them for many years and have always been happy with the service they provide. - Kirsten Nicholas is a vet at Lort Smith and I think she is vegan.

Dr Margaret O'Riordan
160 Collins Street, Thornbury VIC 3071, ph: 03 9480 1823
- Dr O'Riordan is a homoeopathic vet. She is a lovely lady and doesn't use any drugs, though she is a qualified vet. She uses Bach flower remedies, homoeopathy, acupuncture and nutritional medicine. She also has her practice at home and only sees one animal at a time, as she believes it's stressful for them to be around other animals in the waiting room. I use her and she is great!
- Dr O'Riordan is a vegetarian and is also trained in acupuncture, western herbs, Bach Flower Essences, and Bowen Therapy.

Sydney, New South Wales
- none listed

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Queensland

Qld Vegetarian/Vegan Society holds regular get togethers for lunch or dinner. Membership entitles you to 4 copies of the New Vegetarian and Natural Health magazine, 4 copies of the Qld newsletter, discounts and a lending library.

The Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland

Adelaide, South Australia

- none listed

Perth, Western Australia

Animal Rights Advocates Inc - A non-profit volunteer-run animal rights organisation based in Perth, Western Australia that campaigns against animal cruelty and exploitation. Ph: 0403 671 560, Address: PO Box 647, Nedlands WA 6909

Perth Veg*n Resources - Vegetarian and Vegan Resources for the Perth / Fremantle region of Western Australia,

The Wilderness Society WA - A volunteer-based, community funded conservation organisation working for the protection of Western Australia’s great wild places, and through this, our unique plants and animals.,

Hobart, Tasmania
- none listed

Canberra, ACT

Animal Liberation ACT - Animal Liberation is an Australian animal rights organisation dedicated to ending all human activity which harms nonhuman animals and all anthropocentric and speciesist attitudes. As such, we act as a voice for the most exploited and vulnerable creatures on earth. Address: GPO Box 1875 Canberra ACT 2601 Ph: 02 6247 4358,

The Vegetarian and Vegan Society of the ACT - This group is the ACT Vegetarian and Vegan Society. For more info contact jyoti on 02 62586632. Street address: 20 Mcgill St Evatt ACT 2617

Urban Ecology Australia, ACT Region Branch - A voluntary non profit organisation which promotes sustainable and ecologically integrated urban living. We organise regular meetings focusing on one or more relevant topics. Phone: 02 6299 6527,, Address: 42 Isabella St, Queanbeyan NSW 2620

Darwin, NT
- none listed

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